Read our foster blog posts below to learn more about fostering dogs in need. If you’re interested in fostering a dog at risk of euthanasia, please consider filling out a foster application at Memphis Animal Services. Fostering saves lives!

Reasons to foster a dog

11 Great Reasons to Foster a Dog

Most dog lovers know that fostering a dog is important, but not everyone understands why. There are lots of great reasons to foster a dog. Some of those reasons are…

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hospice foster dog

What is a Hospice Foster Dog?

Dogs of all ages, breeds, and health conditions need foster homes. However, dogs in special situations are considered hospice foster dogs, and they’re a bigger commitment than the average foster…

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why are healthy dogs euthanized in shelters

Why Do Shelters Euthanize Healthy Dogs?

Dog pound euthanasia is a topic that many people aren’t comfortable talking about, but dog lovers need to be aware of this situation. Many people ask, “Why do shelters euthanize…

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How to prepare for a foster dog

How to Prepare for a Foster Dog

If you’ve never fostered a dog before, you’re probably wondering how to prepare for a foster dog. The process can seem overwhelming at first, but if you’re properly prepared, your…

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